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Synopsis: Recognizing that there is no court of law that will ever hear the matter of possible war crimes that may be alleged against the former president of the United States, George Walker Bush, an international group of confederates arrange to abduct the former president of the United States and hold him for trial. 
Held in a location unknown to the those trying the case, and appearing at his trial by video routed through the Internet, as do all witnesses appearing on behalf of the Prosecution and Defense, Bush faces both his accusers and the suspicions and accusations of many. The Jury? Transmitted from the “courtroom” (to closely guarded locations) the proceedings are fed real-time to the jury via Internet. At the conclusion of all testimony and arguments their votes are collected at and aggregated for a final ruling:  
Guilty or Not Guilty as charged with 4,432 counts of violation of Section 242, Title 18 USC, Deprivation of Constitutional Right to Life… 
The real jury?  You.  Following release of the Abduction and Trial of George Bush, viewers may access the website and register their vote based on facts not on propaganda.

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Quiz Time:
What if the hundreds of thousands (perhaps more than one million) of Iraqis killed by the US Military by order of George Bush had been Jewish rather than primarily Muslim?
How would the world then view the Iraq War?

Quick Answers:
1. The media would never let us forget it happened, and rightly so.
2. Spielberg or some other “Purveyor of Social Consciousness” would have made this film with a one hundred-million dollar budget, rather than the “pocket change” we could afford. had to be made.
Click Here to Stream, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush at no charge. (66 minute feature. 640x360 version, English, no subtitles. 175 mb)